Youth Programs Canceled in 2021

Southern Indiana Power offers an array of opportunities to inspire our next generation of leaders.

Two opportunities that usually take place over the summer are Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., and Touchstone Energy Camp at Camp Tecumseh. Both experiences are so much more than sightseeing and fun; they provide participants with experiences to help them deepen their understanding and skillset of what it takes to become a leader, as well as helping them grow as individuals. We see many participants continually use their newly acquired skills at their schools and in their communities.

Unfortunately, disruptions in our lives over the past year have continued to progress, and in 2021, our statewide association (IEC) and their member cooperatives have decided to cancel the Touchstone Energy Camp. We here at Southern Indiana Power feel it is also necessary to opt out of the Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., trip for 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.

Although it was a hard decision, the safety, health and well-being of the program participants is our primary concern and always will be. Until next year!